Growing Media You Can Trust

UltraGrow is all about trust, Growing Media You Can Trust. We are honest with what we put into our products and how they perform. The UltraGrow Collection is 35-years in the making and combines the highest quality raw materials, primed to provide your plants with nutrients now and into the future.

UltraGrow Landscaping Soils Redefined

Where it all began

We’ve redefined soils with rigorous horticultural science keeping in mind the gardener, landscaper, architect and nursery person.

The UltraGrow brand was born over 30-years ago as a classification for the custom-blended soil our parent company, Centenary Landscaping Supplies, was producing. These soils were and still are unique. We started UltraGrow due to our dissatisfaction with the poor soil quality available to commercial and retail markets. An industry based on using waste material and soil as a vehicle for disposal rather than establishing beautiful gardens.

Through years of research and development, the UltraGrow Collection has become one of the most trusted brands in bulk and bagged soil, potting mix and soil conditioner. As our tagline suggests, UltraGrow undoubtedly is Growing Media You Can Trust.

Choosing good soil is fundamental as it will make up the foundation of your landscaped gardens for many years. After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on plants or turf, protect your investment by giving them the best possible start. UltraGrow is a collection of exceptional quality landscape products, including waste-free soils, potting mixes and soil conditioners, and a range of bioliquid and granular fertilisers, which combine to provide plants with everything they need to flourish and improve with age. UltraGrow is uncompromising quality and performance.

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Our passion for the garden industry has led us to set new standards in soil design.

Millions of cubic metres of soil and potting mix are sold every year. It goes into backyards, under turf, on the side of highways, in pots and planter boxes in shopping centres and high-rise buildings. Soil is the foundation of a healthy and blossoming society.

For many years we have been dominated by the waste industry. We believe the recycling industry has fallen short in developing healthy living soils and potting mixes that plants need to thrive and grow to their full potential. That’s understandable, as it is a waste industry, not a garden industry. We also acknowledge that the sector is constrained by the sheer volume of low-cost, waste-based organics that swamp their facilities and ongoing demand for low-priced products.

Looking around at public and private gardens, we no longer appreciate what plants should look like and how soil should perform. We are content with average growth because virtually all our plants are now growing in the same sub-standard materials. Partially composted green-waste dominates most bulk and bagged growing media, and about 90% of available ‘soils’ come from similar waste sources with substantial variations between and within manufacturers.

Our drive for change was motivated by the criticism and anger expressed by horticulturists, garden experts, landscapers, gardeners, nurseries and architects about what the market offers. There is a vast difference between what they want and what has typically been available.
To make a difference, we sought professional advice based on the science of good soils and plant health. We knew we could raise the bar because of our passion for risk-taking and change. Our soils are now widely specified and used throughout residential and commercial projects with great success and outstanding results.

The UltraGrow Collection is now re-writing the standards for quality soil design and performance and will continue developing and innovating into the future.

What people say about UltraGrow


Wendy - Corinda QLD

Been using Platinum Potting Mix for years and I love it! My neighbour asked how do I get my patio garden so lush? So I got him onto it as well.

Craig - Bardon QLD

Re-potted up some indoor plants, wow! Growth was immediate and abundant. Platinum Potting is my new go to.

John - Mt Gravatt QLD

I swear by these products! Revitaliser is amazing even on its own. I didn’t know lawn care could be this easy?

Kevin - Mooloolaba QLD

I have used a few products before, but they were always too complicated. Something different each week. UltraGrow is simple and easy to use.

Sarah - Sherwood QLD

The results we have seen with our lawn since using UltraGrow liquids has been unreal. So many people stop and ask if it’s real.

UltraGrow is available exclusively at Centenary Landscaping Supplies

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Biologically Enhanced Fertilising Liquids


To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens


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To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens
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