Biologically Enhanced Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

UltraGrow’s biologically enhanced fertilising and soil conditioning bio-liquids stimulate the natural growth processes and improve soil structure. 

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Liquid lawn fertilizer that gives you better plants and soil from better biology

The UltraGrow® Collection of biologically enhanced liquid fertilizer for plants and liquid soil conditioners brings together the very best organically certified and inorganic ingredients to offer you a clear and concise approach to plant and soil health.

Offering a complete garden health approach, consisting of a host of plant nutrients, trace elements, alginic acids and other bioactive compounds. A care regime built around a foundation of UltraGrow will promote healthy roots, encourage beneficial soil micro-organisms, stimulate flowering and fruiting, and help plants cope with external stresses such as heat, drought, frost, pest, and disease attack.

Foliar application allows for the fast absorption of vital nutrients and elements, increases micro-nutrient availability and promotes stronger, healthier plants and lawns.

Explore our range of liquid lawn stimulants below.

The benefits of UltraGrow Bio-Liquids for your garden

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Pure Kelp

Plant Food and Bio-stimulant

Pure Kelp is one of the world’s richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds. Using this liquid lawn fertilizer as part of well rounded nutrient regimen can improve yields in small crops, turf, horticulture, ornamental and home gardens. It is also easy to apply and provides extensive benefits.

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Natural Seaweed Plant Health Treatment

Dyna-Maxx is a super concentrated premium seaweed based soil conditioner. It is a certified input for organic farm applications and is comprised of a host of natural nutrients, including trace elements, organic carbon, amino acids plus growth-promoting substances including humic and fulvic acids. We offer a range of Dyna-Maxx liquid soil conditioners that can protect your flowers, plants and lawn.  

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Power-Maxx Plus

Lawn and Garden Revitaliser

UltraGrow Power-Maxx Plus is a powerful growth promoter giving you the best of both worlds with natural seaweed and traditional NPK fertilisers. This line of lawn stimulants can promote soil microbial activity and improve the supply of micro-nutrients in your plants and lawn.

(NPKS 18-3-10-0)

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Premium Liquid Humus Solution

UtraGrow Fusion is a natural soil conditioner that acts as a chelator and microbial stimulator containing a high concentration of organic acids and trace minerals. It’s really an instant compost that can bring your results quickly. Certified for Organic Farming and usable with a range of other granular or liquid fertilizer for plants.

(NPKS 0-0-5-0)

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Deep Green

Nitrogen & Iron Liquid Fertiliser

Deep Green is a professional foliar fertiliser designed to provide an extremely available form of liquid Nitrogen (N) and Iron (Fe) along with Fulvic Acid. Give your lawn and garden an instant boost of growth and colour. Encourages rapid robust growth and is easy to apply.

(NPKS 16-0-0-2)

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Natural Soil Wetter

A super concentrated wetter and a biologically enhanced soil conditioner that improves the structure of soils and helps break down clay. Water-Wise will enhance the performance of other UltraGrow Liquid Fertilisers as it will assist the infusion of nutrients and growth stimulants. 


Nutrient Rich Soils & Potting Mixes

Granular Fertilisers

Traditional granular lawn & garden fertiliser

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Biologically Enhanced Fertilising Liquids


To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens


Hi-N & Iron to provide fast growth and colour


To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens
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