Mixing Liquid Fertilisers
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The great news is most UltraGrow bio fertilisers are cross-compatible. That means they can be mixed and applied at the same time! Nothing special is required when mixing our liquid fertilisers.

Conduct a jar test if you want to mix a product from another brand or you are concerned.

The most important numbers you need to remember are simply the size of the area you need to cover and the recommended application rate (e.g. 100ml per 100m2). As long as the suggested application rate is applied over the recommended area while adhering to the minimum amount of carrier water, everything will be fine!

When mixing liquid fertilisers in a sprayer, always add the water first. You reduce the risk of liquid fertiliser splashing back by adding the water first. While our fertilisers are primarily organic and safe, no one wants a mouth full of seaweed! Any splash that may occur will be diluted and cause minimal concern. Mixing in this order also prevents the solution from “frothing up” or bubbling like soap and overflowing from your container.

Conducting a jar compatibility test

Performing a jar test is simply mixing smaller quantities of the products together in a small container like a glass jar.

  1. Read all product labels and know the product formulation.
  2. Shake any liquid products prior to mixing.
  3. Add 500ml of carrier (water) to 1L jar. This ensures there is enough carrier in the tank to accomplish dissolving and getting products into solution. 
  4. Add each product to the jar in the ratio and order that you will add them to the spray tank. For most liquid fertiliser products, roughly 1 teaspoon will be enough to demonstrate compatibility.
  5. Fill the rest of the jar with carrier and shake and invert for 30 seconds. Let the solution stand for 30 minutes and then inspect for precipitates, sludges or separations If none of these appear, the mixture is compatible.


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To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens
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