Seaweed: The Ultimate Plant Influencer
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Liquid seaweed has a massive influence on plant health and growth without itself being a fertiliser. So, if it’s not a fertiliser then what is it? Well, Seaweed is a bio-stimulant containing all the major and minor plant nutrients including NPK in small amounts, many minerals and trace elements; alginic acid; vitamins; auxins which are hormones that regulate growth and enzymes which are all-natural growth stimulants. Some literature suggests seaweed contains 77 minerals,17 amino acids, 4 growth stimulants and chelating agents, many of which are not found in other plant stimulants. These fundamental elements in seaweed fuel the plant cells’ growth resulting in healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant plants. The alginic acid is itself a soil conditioner that improves the water holding capacity of soil because the alginate, which are sponge-like starches found in seaweed, holds water near the plant roots while encouraging crumb formation in the soil facilitating improved air-filled porosity. This in turn leads to better aeration and capillary action for water, bio-liquids and nutrients promoting root growth and beneficial microbial activity while bringing back the worms from seemingly nowhere!

Since most plants take in their nutrients through the leaves, applying seaweed as a foliar spray will provide immediate benefit to your plants. It is easy to mix and spray while also being economical. Simply add about 2.5 to 10ml of seaweed solution per litre of water depending on the nature of the plant. As the plant absorbs sunlight via photosynthesis it also absorbs the nutrients in the seaweed. The seaweed as a biostimulant then facilitates the uptake of nutrients from your ongoing fertiliser regime. In other words, the seaweed influences efficient nutrient uptake.

You might think simply adding a handful of fertiliser to your plants each season is enough, however, the nutrients can be locked up in the soil, washed out by the weather or irrigation (leached) and never released to the roots of your plant. Seaweed will help that happen effectively which is why more modern farmers are turning to biostimulants including seaweed and humic acid to effectively help plants absorb nutrients.

UltraGrow DynaMaxx and UltraGrow Pure Kelp are both certified by SXC as allowed inputs for organic farming practices. They are both available in handy ready to use applicators or as concentrates for mixing and blending.

This natural organic gift from the sea is a complete and balanced concentrated source of trace elements and minerals. With their naturally occurring growth hormones, chelating agents, plus vitamins and amino acids these two UltraGrow Seaweeds are filled with natural goodness. Their sister, UltraGrow PowerMaxx Plus has the benefits of the natural seaweed boosted with NPK nutrients for lawns and gardens for faster results.


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