Why We Developed UltraGrow Bio-Stimulants?
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At UltraGrow, we have produced soils, potting mixes, soil conditioners and composts for over 30 years. This range brought a new dimension to the garden industry and is totally unique. An industry that is not a horticultural business but a waste business results in considerable disasters for plants and crops throughout the country. However, the concept of waste recycling and sustainability by composting is of the utmost importance to our community. We are working with those composters striving to produce excellent products against the pressure on them to reduce prices and move mountains of waste that arrive daily on their sites.

We first changed the ‘growing media game’ by our passion for excellence and a determination to achieve it. Since 1987 we have been creating products like Platinum Potting Mix, Platinum Garden Soil, Black Label Garden Soil, Activator Soil Conditioner and more. These products are enriched with the very best ingredients. To achieve this, we sought scientific advice, which led us to the world of bio-stimulant liquids designed to improve the soil medium and feed the plants. We have now developed this range of bio-stimulant liquids and made them available as the perfect gardening companion. Our products are now produced in our small boutique factory in Sumners Park, Qld.

What are Bio-stimulants, and what is their value to your garden? Basically, they are natural substances or micro-organisms that stimulate biological growth processes facilitating the efficient uptake of nutrients. They are found in products like Humic and Fulvic acids, seaweed and fish extracts and beneficial bacteria Fungi like Bacillus subtills and Rhizobium. All of which can be found in the UltraGrow Bio Liquid Range.

Humic acids are naturally derived from the breakdown of plant and microbial matter and are the foundation of all fertile soil as humus. Over the years, they will provide the earth with greater nutrient supply ability, water holding capacity and, importantly, readily available carbon food for beneficial soil micro-organisms. This is nature’s way of minimising nutrient loss to maintain long-term soil fertility and ensure sustainable plant growth. Humic acid in the soil holds a wide range of micro and macro-nutrients around plant roots to provide all the essential nutrients for quick root uptake and optimum plant growth.

Biologically, Humic and Fulvic acid stimulate the growth of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria while providing a readily available carbon source for soil micro-organisms. Chemically they have excellent chelating properties, which reduce nutrient loss through leaching and run-off by freeing up many ‘soil bound’ nutrients like phosphate, calcium and trace elements. Chelation makes nutrients more readily available, contributing to faster nutrient uptake and growth. Physically they promote better soil structure, while soil organic matter (humus and not mulch) has a remarkable ability to hold nutrients in the soil until they are required by plants. Fulvic acid is nature’s photosynthetic booster helping plants grow more efficiently in both full sun and low sunlight areas.

I have seen this in my own lawn as it remained green and lush during winter and in tree-shaded areas that generally die off. This fantastic natural solution helps to replace what sunlight is available and photosynthesis continues despite the shade. However, understand the plant or lawn will still need a good level of ambient sunlight for prolonged healthy growth. There is no research to prove this, but the proof is in the pudding for me. Do it and see for yourself.

I have been developing these bio-stimulants since 2015 by working with scientists, suppliers and agronomists to produce a concise range under our UltraGrow Bio-Liquids Range like Dyna-Maxx based on Kelp Extracts, Humic / Fulvic acids from the best sources available in the world. Many are certified by ASX Certifiers as suitable for organic production as allowed input (No 20071).

So, introduce good biology to your garden through these UltraGrow Bio-Stimulants. It is easy and cost-effective helping your plants reach full potential or rescue those struggling in poor soils.

Terry O’Shea.


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