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Provided you have calibrated your equipment and mixed your products correctly, application will be a breeze!

We recommended applying liquid fertilisers early on a fine day with little wind present. Avoid application when it’s raining or when rain is scheduled in the few days post-application. While rain is great for the gardens, too soon and all the benefits of foliar fertilising will literally wash down the drain. Heavy rain risks washing fertiliser into the creeks and river systems.

Regardless of your application method, liquid fertilisers using water as the carrier should be applied evenly using a steady action minimising overlap and overspray where possible.

Pressure Sprayer

The most effective application method is via pressure sprayer, which allows you to apply the fertiliser with less carrier water and a fine misting spray. This fine spray will better adhere to the leaf or foliage of your plants and grass surface, ready for fast absorption in a concentrated dosage.

Hose-end Sprayer

Every shed has one, so why not do what’s right for the environment and recycle? Used fertiliser bottles can be refilled many times over. They are a simple application method and work well for both foliar and soil drench fertilisers. While there is less control of water flow and ratios, it’s quick, and your plants and lawn will love the extra water! The fundamentals remain. It is crucial to understand your flow and rate of discharge. Things like your water pressure and the age of the bottle can affect the application rate.

Watering Can

Smaller gardens or potted plants will benefit from a more direct application from a watering can. Once again, the fundamentals of application will remain. But as a rule of thumb 20-50ml of concentrate into a 9L watering can spread over around 4m2 of lawn or plants will be perfect. A watering can is fantastic for soil drench applications, applied directly to the soil around the base of trees and plants.

Trigger Spray

A trigger spray bottle is the way to go for indoors and smaller potted plants! You simply can’t overdo it, saturate the leaves with a fine mist, turn the nozzle to jet, and give the potting mix a good soaking. Alternate weekly with watering and your plants will love you for it, particularly as most indoor plants are in desperate need of some attention!


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To encourage vigorous growth in lawns and gardens
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